Indiana June Engagement Session: Amanda + Kie

There are those couples that are so in tune with one another.  They are the couples where communication takes place mostly through body language, facial expressions, and a simple caress of the hand, not so much through words spoken. Amanda and Kie are the perfect example of a couple where most communication is done through action, and the chemistry between them is so present and good. They are both reserved and observant, which is perfectly suited for their mutual love of hiking and being outdoors. So it was only fitting that Kie would ask Amanda to spend forever with him, while under the blanket color of the fall trees.  Continue reading

Wedding at The Kentucky Center of African American Heritage: Carmen & August

The official proposal took place at Angels Landing in Zion National Park. While on a family vacation, August took Carmen by surprise during their hike and got down on one knee and popped the question. Now the official day had arrived where they would vow in front of family and friends, to say yes to their love and to each other, forever more.

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The Grand | New Albany Indiana Wedding | Caitlin & Austin

Caitlin and Austin had anticipated this day for so long. The linens were pressed, the candles were lit, and the flowers were placed so precisely. Family and closest friends traveled to The Grand to walk the red carpet and find their seats for what was promised to be a grand event. It was the show of Happily Ever After, starring Caitlin & Austin. The day had finally arrived where two souls would officially be united as one.  Continue reading

Anna + Jarret: Indiana Engagement Session

Anna and Jarret were high school freshman when they first locked eyes on each other. Anna, being a soft spoken talented cellist, was attracted to driven and competitive athlete Jarret. But as some high school relationships do, the flame between them would dwindle but not quit go out. Jarret would remain that one handsome guy in her class and continue to catch her eye from a distance.  Continue reading

Isenberg Barn Wedding: Montgomery Farms: September 2015

The warm September air and gorgeous sunshine was a nod to the laughter, love and joy that unfolded on September 5th. Family and friends gathered in anticipation at Montgomery Farms of Emilee & Brady finally tying the knot. The warm summer colors with sangria accents was the perfect and polished way to bid farewell to the summer season, and welcome the approaching fall and new marriage. The colors of the decor weren’t the only thing ushering in the marriage of Emilee & Brady, but the increasing heat and threat of a thunderstorm just moments before the ceremony began. It is said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day. The rain symbolizing the washing away of old ways, and allowing room for new beginnings. Disregarding the obvious and remaining steady as always, Brady took his stand and awaited for Emilee at the alter. The anticipation and focus on the approaching storm, was soon forgotten as Emilee proceeded toward her love and new beginning with Brady.  Continue reading