About Me

Photo Lulu came about after several years of working for a well-known photographer. It was here I realized photography was more than simply owning expensive equipment. Use of lighting, awareness of our human form, and knowledge of how to walk the razor’s edge in editing photos are all skills that a device alone does not possess.

I came to discover that being a photographer is more than just photos; it’s about providing an experience. Being invited to join in those intimate moments with a beautiful bride before her wedding to capture that overwhelming joy, or with a mother and father hoping to freeze time for just a moment before their kids grow up is more than just “pictures.”

I love curating a wedding day, the warm smiles in a family session, the excitement of a graduating senior, and drive for success in a professional headshot. Serving the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana area has given me opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.

Outside the life as a business owner and photographer, you can find me with my supportive & hunky husband, Dustin. Or being mama to our boy, Blayne. I’m a lover of movie nights, good food, and good bourbon, and all the dark chocolate. Lulu, is my nickname. I’m a net player in tennis. Boots are my shoes of choice, and you’ll always find something black & white in my suitcase. I make a crazy good brown bag apple pie, and everyday must begin with coffee in hand.

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