Baby Blayne | 6 Months | Indiana & KY Family and Children’s photographer


I’m around 6 months now, and so far life isn’t bad…


I’m a big fan of Baby Einstein. Dad and I watch it together when I wake up super early, and let mom catch a few more Z’s. I tend to wake her up a lot right now though the night, so she needs her beauty rest.

My favorite toy is my Baby Einstein music box. Thank you for getting that for me, Jennifer Donohue. 😉

I’m a big eater, and definitely serious about eating. No need for train or airplane sounds, just feed me. I love green beans and sweet potatoes, and I tolerate carrots. I do go bananas over bananas. LOVE. BANANAS.

My two bottom teeth are popping up. Mom’s real happy about that.

I can sit up now.

Took my first swim this month, and I’m a fan.

Love being outside. Stroller rides are the best.

Love music, and Dave Matthews is still a favorite. I like to sing along with mom.

The peekaboo game is entertaining. Although, I’m not sure who’s more entertained, me or my parents.

I’m perfectly content to be where Mom and Dad are and listen to conversation.

I’m very observant and like to study things, especially people at first. If I crack a smile at you, I like you.

I’m pretty even tempered and happy most of the time, except when I’m hungry or it’s bed time. Then again, who doesn’t get grumpy when they’re hungry or tired?



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