Duncan Memorial Chapel Wedding | Crestwood, Kentucky | Kie + Amanda

For this Duncan Memorial Chapel wedding, all the bases were covered, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence for her shoe.

Amanda’s wedding dress fit her to a T. Her grandmothers ring she wore on her finger for something old. Her borrowed being her aunts bracelet that delicately hung around her wrist. While the flowers on her grandmothers handkerchief represented the blue.

Kie and Amanda met outside the doors of Duncan Chapel for their first look. As he heard the sound of her heels on the ground behind him, a smile broke across his face. He turned to see his best friend, fiancé , and now soon to be wife, for the first time that day. She took his breath away and words left him. The moment had finally arrived that she would become Mrs. to his Mr.

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Kie treated his groomsman to a fresh cut.

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Amanda and her father added a little something extra to their dance, and choreographed a routine to a remix of different songs.


Rather than a traditional wedding cake, the Sutherlands opted for Comfy Cow ice cream, and a quite moment outside to enjoy it.

Wedding Reception desserts

Here  is how their love story began.


Creative Team:

Venue| Duncan Chapel

Dessert | The Comfy Cow

Hair| Heather of Tease & Tangles

Barber Shop| Kam of The Clipper 

Florist| Henderson Flower Shop 

Photography| Photo Lulu 

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Curating a wedding day, the warm smiles in a family session, and the excitement of a graduating senior are all the aspects of this career that I love. I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade.

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  1. These were absolutely beautiful!! Everything about that day was captured in these pictures. I think it was a perfect day for Kie & Amanda.

  2. Beautiful. Mom did cry as I strolled through the pictures. As I refer to her in the pictures: my porcelain doll married the man of her dresms💙 these are AMAZING!!

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