4 Questions for Your Wedding Photographer


1) How do I pick a good photographer?
Take time to research.
Do they have experience?
Have they given the time and expense to invest in a professional website?
Do you like their shooting and editing style?
Do you like them?
Make time to schedule a meeting with them. You may be in love with their work, but after meeting realize you don’t want them to be involved in your big day. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them, so it is important to feel like you enjoy them…and they actually care.

2) Why are wedding photographers so expensive?
Photography seems simple enough…get a camera, click a button and go to the bank.
However, there is actually so much that an actual professional photographer does that isn’t realized. For example, a professional wedding photographer has $12,000-18,000 in equipment hanging from their neck and shoulder on your big day.
As for time, in addition to the day of the wedding, the evening of your rehearsal, face-to-face appointments, phone calls, and emails…your photographer will be spending 35-50 hours in editing and another appointment to arrange your print order. All of this can total to two to three weeks of work.
I’m not even addressing the costs of software, maintenance, advertising, etc.
Beyond all of this, if they’re truly a professional, you’re also paying for their expertise and artistic talent.

3) Can I prep for my photos?
Sleep. Water. Healthy food. Breathe.
Getting enough Z’s the night before is crucial. While Photoshop is a wonderful tool and can do amazing things if your photographer knows how to correctly use it, it can’t bring joy to your face. Photoshop can’t give you energy; only being rested, hydrated and well-nourished will sustain your energy on your big day.

4) To see or not to see, that is the question.
First look.
The first look is a chance for couples to see each other privately before they say, “I do.” The majority of my clients have chosen to do a first look. It’s a great chance for couples to shake off the jitters together in private.
Also, it’s another way to avoid stress after the ceremony. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy your pictures together after the ceremony knowing that you have somewhere else to head off to and knowing that everyone is waiting.
To be quite honest, doing the First Look is my favorite moment of the entire day and usually makes for great memories…a real moment, with real emotions.

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Curating a wedding day, the warm smiles in a family session, and the excitement of a graduating senior are all the aspects of this career that I love. I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade.

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