Anna + Jarret: Indiana Engagement Session

Anna and Jarret were high school freshman when they first locked eyes on each other. Anna, being a soft spoken talented cellist, was attracted to driven and competitive athlete Jarret. But as some high school relationships do, the flame between them would dwindle but not quit go out. Jarret would remain that one handsome guy in her class and continue to catch her eye from a distance. 

They attended different colleges each pursuing their dreams. Anna at the University of Louisville, and Jarret at Purdue University. Approximately 183 miles apart, and still they remained in touch but only as friends. Later in college, that old flame would slowly be rekindled. Being from the same hometown, they decided to meet for coffee. After walking a busy sidewalk up one side and down the other, and refusing to accept no for an answer, Jarret convinced Anna to go on an official date. A few years later, that official date would lead Jarret traveling more pavement, only this time by car, to surprise Anna in Chicago. Anna was there for a cello audition for a school. Little did she know, Jarret was awaiting her by the waterfront to propose. Without hesitation she said yes. Now in July, again without hesitation, they will make that once dwindled flame a permanent light as they become husband and wife at the gorgeous Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, in Louisville, Kentucky


The session began at Anna’s parents house.

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After a quick wardrobe change and a short drive, we arrived at Jarret’s parent house for the second half of the session. I could have stayed there for many more hours, listening to the sound of the cello echo through the trees as Anna played.

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Jarret couldn’t take his eyes off of Anna.



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“A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.” – Anne Taylor Fleming

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Curating a wedding day, the warm smiles in a family session, and the excitement of a graduating senior are all the aspects of this career that I love. I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade.

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