Southern Indiana Engagement Session: Jamie + Brandon

While growing up in Southern Indiana, I knew Jamie as a red head freckled face little girl. Her sister and I were friends in elementary school. Jamie was like most little sisters in that she wanted to be a part of any and all festivities, that her older sister and I were involved in. Which at one point consisted of creating a blanket fort and turning it into a haunted house. Equipped with suspenseful tunes played on the keyboard by yours truly. All of this of course was purely to entertain 5 year old Jamie.

Fast forward to last February, and I would meet again the same freckled face red headed Jamie. Only this time she was a young woman planning her wedding day.

These days Jamie is no longer focused on building haunted houses out of blankets, but solely building a life with Brandon.  Brandon has a way of bringing out Jamie’s biggest smiles, and loudest laughs. It is evident that Jamie’s smiles put Brandon at ease.

Jamie and Brandon, with your engagement session bursting with this much joy and laughter, I can’t wait to experience the joy on your wedding day.


























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Curating a wedding day, the warm smiles in a family session, and the excitement of a graduating senior are all the aspects of this career that I love. I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade.

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